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The Australian Bushfires - How Can You Help?

Even if you don’t live in Australia, chances are you aware of the utterly catastrophic devastation going on with the bushfires right now. It is beyond comprehension and as an Australian, I find it absolutely heartbreaking.

I have donated personally and my business is also donating as much as possible to various charities. Unfortunately, one person can only donate so much before they can’t anymore. But one thing that we can do is share information, links and awareness around the world to help as much as possible. If you can’t afford to donate personally, that is ok. Maybe the info you share will be seen by someone who can make a donation but didn’t know how, or help someone else stay safe in a fire ravaged area. Even if you can just be there to support those in need, every little bit counts. We are all in this together.

Below I have listed some links to various charities and information sources that I hope you will find helpful. Information is constantly being updated so stay tuned to the media for more info:



(Australian Broadcasting Commission - great source for news, updates and donation info)

(Channel 7 News and a great source of information)


(Wildlife rescue organisation)

(There are various charities there, particularly: Mogo Zoo Fire Recovery and the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. Also Help Save Kangaroo Islands Koalas and Wildlife. Make you sure seek out legit charities.)


(New South Wales Rural Fire Service)

(Victoria Country Fire Authority)

(South Australian Fire Service)

(Royal Fire Brigades Association Queensland Inc.)


(Redcross’ Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund)

(The Salvos Bushfire Appeal)

(Vinnies Bushfire Appeal)

(Bushfire Disaster Appeal)


(Mallacoota Fires Support Fund)

(KI Mayoral Relief and Recovery Bushfire Fund)

(South Australian relief fund)

(Comedian Celeste Barber’s donation page on Facebook - $40M and counting!)